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  1. Genibiodiv.png

    Ecological enineering techniques for riverbanks

    (EN) - IRSTEA 2017

    This website presents the different types of riverbank development, including soil bioengineering techniques, as well as their effect on...

    Theme : Lateral continuity

  2. Video_Gemapi.jpg

    A new type of river management is coming !

    (EN) - RMC Water Agency 2016

    This film, aimed at stakeholders involved in rivers management, presents and illustrates three key ideas, focusing on river restoration, to...

    Theme : Tools

  3. Preserving_rivers.png

    Preserving rivers

    (EN) - AFB 2018

    From the OFB collection of examples, this factsheet presents the objectives of preserving rivers, examples of possible technical solutions, and...

    Theme : Preservation top

  4. Lateral_cont.jpg

    Examples on waterways and improvement of lateral continuity

    (FR) - Onema 2013

    These fact sheets provide knowledge on river dynamics and examples of improvments of lateral river continuity. Some of the examples were...

    Theme : Lateral continuity

  5. VN_Cornas.jpg

    Reactivating river dynamics in the Vieux-Rhône River (non-navigable section) at Cornas, Roubion and Petite Île

    (EN) - Onema 2013

    This example deals with the removal of river embankment to improve lateral continuity of waterways without impacting the waterway.

    Theme : Lateral continuity

  6. Onema_ec_cont.jpg

    Onema's work for restoring ecological continuity

    (EN) - Onema

    Throughout France, Onema personnel have worked hard in favour of river continuity and provided local projects with their technical know-how. Few...

    Theme : Examples

  7. Bioeng_Villey.jpg

    Bio-engineering techniques for bank protection on the Moselle River in Villey-le-Sec

    (EN) - Onema 2013

    This example illustrates how bio-engineering techniques can help in maintaining waterways and lateral exchanges.

    Theme : Lateral continuity

  8. Water_status_WFD.jpg

    Water status and the Water Framework Directive: review of assessment methods

    (EN) - Onema 2011

    This document is a report of two scientific information days followed by two days of discussions focusing on bioindication, organised in France...

    Theme : Diagnosing > Documents

  9. Env_eng.jpg

    Environmental Engineering Applied to Aquatic Environments: Why and How

    (EN) - ASTEE 2013

    This publication presents the key concepts and the benefits of ecological engineering, and gives feedbacks for all stakeholders involved in the management of aquatic ecosystems. An english summary of this...

    Theme : Organizing the implementation