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  1. Rivers_health.png

    Rivers in good health

    (EN) - AFB 2017

    Designed for a broad public, this 5 min animated movie explains how rivers are shaped and why it is crucial to preserve and restore their health...

    Theme : Tools

  2. Merantaise3.png

    The Mérantaise river restoration project

    (EN) - AFB 2017

    This fact sheet presents the Mérantaise river project, which implemented different types of operations to meet the dual objective of flood...

    Theme : Examples

  3. Naïades.png


    (FR) - AFB

    The national interface, Naïades, provides access to data from national monitoring of rivers and lakes. This data is targeted on biological,...

    Theme : Data and maps

  4. Moselle_film.png

    The « wild-made » Moselle river

    (EN) - Université de Lorraine 2013

    This one-hour film on the Moselle river and based on interviews with researchers emphases three key points: links between river and biodiversity...

    Theme : Tools

  5. SAGE.png

    SAGE, a tool for local water management

    (EN) - IOWater 2020

    This infographic provides an illustrated overview of the SAGE (or sub-basin management plans), and their situation in January 2020 in France.

    Theme : Organizing the implementation

  6. Jassans.png

    Reopening side channels along the Saône in Jassans-Riottier

    (EN) - Onema 2013

    This fact sheet details the works done to reconnect the main channel with the side channels and to recreate diverse habitats in the Saône river<...

    Theme : Lateral continuity

  7. Scarpe.png

    Bio-engineering and creation of side channels along the rectified section of the Scarpe River in Arras

    (EN) - Onema 2013

    On the Scarpe river, several techniques have been used to improve the lateral continuity of waterways: bio-engineering for bank-protection, work...

    Theme : Lateral continuity

  8. Buffer_IRSTEA.png

    Guide on setting up buffer zones to limit the transfer of farm contaminants

    (EN) - AFB & Irstea 2017

    This guide presents information and data to assist in decision-making concerning buffer zones intended to preserve surface and groundwater from...

    Theme : Improvement of agricultural and forestry practices

  9. Benefits01.png

    Film: The benefits of restoring rivers

    (EN) - AFB 2018

    This 7 min video shows testimonies from local community representatives regarding the benefits of the river restoration actions undertaken in...

    Theme : Tools

  10. Ponapomi.png

    Portal for National Migratory Fish Data (Ponapomi)

    (FR) - AFB 2018

    This participatory portal offers a centralized access to data on migratory fish in metropolitan France, as well as links to resources and to...

    Theme : Data and maps