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  1. year_of_salmon2.png

    International year of the salmon – 2019

    (EN) - AFB 2019

    France is taking part in the International year of the salmon! For this occasion, the French agency for biodiversity has gathered on line...

    Theme : Tools

  2. Dataviz_flow.png

    Dataviz – Learn more about flow barriers

    (FR) - OFB 2019

    Different graphic representations illustrating flow barriers data: obstacle types, height, uses…

    Theme : Data and maps

  3. annonce colloque DRE selune.png

    Selune valley revival - International conference on river continuity restoration, in Rennes and Avranches (France), 24, 25 and 26th September 2019

    (EN) - OIEau 2019

    More than 200 participants from 20 countries exchanged and debated on the river Selune dam removal project, but also on many illustrative...

    Theme : Event national center

  4. Astee_water_periurban.jpg

    Improvement of water quality in peri-urban areas: Ecological engineering & aquatic environment

    (EN) - Astee 2019

    Agriculture has a role to play in preservation of water quality. Some practices exist that can reduce water pollution, as showed in this short...

    Theme : Improvement of agricultural and forestry practices

  5. IAS_vol3.png

    Invasive alien species in aquatic environments - Practical information and management insights

    (EN) - AFB 2019

    This third volume offers new fact sheets on invasive alien species, 21 already covered in Vol.2 and 12 new species, with insights on management...

    Theme : Invasive species

  6. guideline_monitorin.png

    Guideline for the monitoring of hydromorphological restoration

    (FR) - AFB 2019

    This practical guide focuses on the monitoring design and data collection methods for biological, hydromorhological elements necessary to assess...

    Theme : Monitoring and evaluation

  7. rex_en.png

    River restoration examples throught France

    (EN) - AFB 2019

    The collection presents more than 25 examples of river hydromorphology restoration undertaken over the past 20 years throughout France. These...

    Theme : Examples

  8. Ecol_eng_Astee_film.png

    [Video] Ecological engineering applied to aquatic environments: projects with multiple benefits

    (EN) - Astee 2019

    This video presents the benefits ecological engineering can have on flood protection, rainwater management, water quality in peri-urban areas...

    Theme : Tools