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  1. Engin_continuum.jpg

    Engineering the water continuum

    (EN) - Onema 2011

    Gaié (Ecosystem engineering group) and Onema examined the position of ecological engineering in sustainable water management during a symposium...

    Theme : Organizing the implementation

  2. Env_eng.jpg

    Environmental Engineering Applied to Aquatic Environments: Why and How

    (EN) - ASTEE 2013

    This publication presents the key concepts and the benefits of ecological engineering, and gives feedbacks for all stakeholders involved in the management of aquatic ecosystems. An english summary of this...

    Theme : Organizing the implementation

  3. SAGE01.jpg

    Sub-basin management plans at 20

    (EN) - Onema 2014

    This document proposes a presentation of the SBMP and an assessment after 20 years.

    Theme : Organizing the implementation

  4. SAGE.png

    SAGE, a tool for local water management

    (EN) - IOWater 2020

    This infographic provides an illustrated overview of the SAGE (or sub-basin management plans), and their situation in January 2020 in France.

    Theme : Organizing the implementation

  5. guide_inbo_iwa.png

    Handbook on basin-connected cities

    (EN) - INBO & IWA 2022

    This handbook aims to support decision making in strengthening the city’s connection and integration with its river basin thanks to: drivers,...

    Theme : Organizing the implementation