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  1. Eco_damage_torts.png

    Ecological damage and ecological torts

    (EN) - AFB 2018

    This book describes the current scientific, legal and operational situation as well as the progress already made and that required to fully take...

    Theme : Legal protection

  2. meetings.png

    Restoration of river continuity: model initiatives across France and Europe

    (EN) - AFB 2018

    The French National River Restoration Centre organised in 2017 a workshop and field visits on river continuity restoration initiatives. This was...

  3. Selune.png

    Selune river restoration

    (EN) - AFB & INRA 2018

    This website presents the Selune river restoration project. In the context of removing the Vezins and La-Roche-Qui-Boit dams, a monitoring program has been set up to monitor the ecological restoration of the river basin and to characterize the related changes. Societal impacts are also being studied. See also this specific...

    Theme : Monitoring and evaluation

  4. HB_participation.png

    The handbook for the participation of stakeholders and the civil society in the basins of rivers, lakes and aquifers

    (EN) - INBO 2018

    This paper presents the key elements of the participation of stakeholders in water management, and gives concrete examples from basins around...

    Theme : Partnership

  5. Buech.png

    Monitoring the Buëch river

    (EN) - I.S.Rivers 2018

    In the context of the 2018 I.S.Rivers, several river restoration projects have been presented, along with their monitoring programmes. Among them, sediment replenish operations in Alpine rivers such as the Buëch and the...

    Theme : Monitoring and evaluation

  6. my_river_kit2.png

    My river kit, a role-play to raise awareness among the general public

    (EN) - Irstea 2018

    My River Kit is a simple game that aims at exploring and analyzing river dynamics & protection with all kind of public throughout Europe....

    Theme : Partnership

  7. year_of_salmon2.png

    International year of the salmon – 2019

    (EN) - AFB 2019

    France is taking part in the International year of the salmon! For this occasion, the French agency for biodiversity has gathered on line...

    Theme : Tools

  8. guideline_monitorin.png

    Guideline for the monitoring of hydromorphological restoration

    (FR) - AFB 2019

    This practical guide focuses on the monitoring design and data collection methods for biological, hydromorhological elements necessary to assess...

    Theme : Monitoring and evaluation

  9. Ecol_eng_Astee_film.png

    [Video] Ecological engineering applied to aquatic environments: projects with multiple benefits

    (EN) - Astee 2019

    This video presents the benefits ecological engineering can have on flood protection, rainwater management, water quality in peri-urban areas...

    Theme : Tools

  10. rex_en.png

    River restoration examples throught France

    (EN) - AFB 2019

    The collection presents more than 25 examples of river hydromorphology restoration undertaken over the past 20 years throughout France. These...

    Theme : Examples