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  1. Film_Mig.jpg

    Preserving migratory fish – the example of Pyrenean rivers

    (EN) - Onema 2015

    Onema has produced a film to raise awareness among the general public of the alarming situation facing migratory fish, in France and other North...

    Theme : Tools

  2. Ex_Dordogne.jpg

    Reconciling divergent energy and environmental needs – The example of the Dordogne river

    (EN) - Onema 2010

    Example of an experimentation of new river-management techniques that attempt to reconcile the survival of the species and hydroelectric...

    Theme : Partnership

  3. CartoGraph.png


    (FR) - OFB

    Tool for visualizing and exploiting a large number of data relating to water, aquatic environments and their uses in the form of maps, graphics...

    Theme : Data and maps

  4. ERN_dam_removal2.png

    Dam removal in France

    (EN) - ERN 2016

    France has been working on dam removal for years. European Rivers Network presents, as an NGO engaged in the preservation of rivers, its views on the main actions implemented by the country for almost 30 years, and proposes some case studies, including the Brives-Charensac dam...

    Theme : Tools

  5. LIFE_EC.png

    LIFE Water & Climate

    (FR) 2021

    Launched in 2020 for 4 years, this LIFE “Water &Climate” project aims at supporting long-term local decision-making for climate-adapted...

    Theme : Examples

  6. Moselle_film.png

    The « wild-made » Moselle river

    (EN) - Université de Lorraine 2013

    This one-hour film on the Moselle river and based on interviews with researchers emphases three key points: links between river and biodiversity...

    Theme : Tools

  7. atlantic_salmon.png

    Atlantic Salmon Summit

    (EN) 2015

    The Atlantic Salmon Summit, organized in France in October 2015, gathered scientists, institutions, managers, industry, NGOs or leading experts...

    Theme : Examples

  8. Jassans.png

    Reopening side channels along the Saône in Jassans-Riottier

    (EN) - Onema 2013

    This fact sheet details the works done to reconnect the main channel with the side channels and to recreate diverse habitats in the Saône river<...

    Theme : Lateral continuity

  9. Inv_species.jpg

    Invasive species: how should this be managed in aquatic environments?

    (EN) - Onema 2011

    This document is a synthesis of the seminar organized by Onema and Cemagref in Paris on 12-14 October 2010 on the management of invasive species...

    Theme : Invasive species