Restoration operations cannot be limited to the technical aspects of each project. A hydromorphological restoration is an economic, social, environmental, cultural and political project that often concerns an area much larger than the local area where the work takes place.

The feedbacks from projects show that one of the greatest difficulties in implementing a restoration project lay in convincing the various local stakeholders and communities of the value of the project.



Regular communication is a tool for good acceptance of the restoration project: website, brochures, or film help people understand and feel concerned about the project.

Here are some documents that could serve to support the implementation of such strategies.


    EN - Irstea - 2018

    My River Kit is a simple game that aims at exploring and analyzing river dynamics & protection with all kind of public throughout Europe. Round after round, the players manage and develop their city, while taking care of the environment thanks to multiple indicators.

    EN - Onema - 2015

    This workshop aimed to promote a better integration of European directives and policies through river restoration and natural water retention measures. The workshop was also focusing on the ways to improve local communities’ engagement in aquatic ecosystem restoration projects.

    Find out more by reading the guide to support the selection, design and implementation of Natural Water Retention Measures in Europe.

    EN - INBO - 2018

    This paper presents the key elements of the participation of stakeholders in water management, and gives concrete examples from basins around the world, including France.

    EN - Onema - 2010

    Example of an experimentation of new river-management techniques that attempt to reconcile the survival of the species and hydroelectric generation on the Dordogne river.

    EN - Onema - 2016

    Bringing together managers, scientists and decision makers, this event aimed at producing a joint project for the improvement of ecological continuities in littoral wetlands.

    EN - Onema - 2014

    This document proposes a description of the tools that may be used in an overall strategy designed to accompany stakeholders wishing to launch a hydromorphological-restoration project and ensure its success.

    EN - Onema - 2015

    This document provides an overview of the symposium titled “Mobilising public entities for ecological networks”, which took place in March 2015 in Paris: good practices, obstacles encountered, advices for action and case studies on how to improve connectivities of green and blue infrastructures.